A Best Life in the Cracks

Demand your best life today, even if it has to be fitted into the cracks. Choose the best life.

What cracks? The cracks in a schedule. We all have obligations. None of us are as free as we wish we could be. The university student has classes and homework. The working parent has a job and a household. The obligations can consume our waking hours.

But we all have opportunities for leisure too, even if for now it’s just a few minutes at a time, scattered here and there throughout the day. The moments when we would normally scroll through social media, check the news, watch a video.

We can live any life in those cracks. We alone rule ourselves in those moments, unlike the rest of the time when we serve other masters.

We can live like royalty if we want, in those moments, or like soldiers, like scholars, like farmers, chefs, authors, artists, musicians, tyrants, philosophers, activists, mystics, anything at all.

What’s the life you would love to have, if your time were your own and finances were taken care of? Start training now, in case the opportunity ever arises.

Even if the opportunity never comes, that life will still infuse your existence, seeping through the cracks. What could be more worthwhile?

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