Admit the conspiracy theory

When every normal person you know is telling you that you believe a conspiracy theory, don’t try to say “But no, mine isn’t a conspiracy theory, because mine is actually true!”

That’s what every person with a conspiracy theory says. It’s boring, and predictable. It’s sad. You might as well be wearing a literal tinfoil hat.

I’ve never met a conspiracy theorist who didn’t try to convince everyone around that their conspiracy theory isn’t actually a conspiracy theory. I’m always embarrassed on their behalf.

Why not just own it?

To me, that would be an interesting and fun approach. I personally agree with all the normies who feel like believing conspiracy theories is bad for the conspiracy theorist, bad for the conspiracy theorist’s friends and family, and bad for the entire society. So I get why you would feel shamefaced and try to hide the fact that you hold to a conspiracy theory.

But there are some interesting and daring arguments that people have made to say that it is good for society to have conspiracy theories swirling around.

Again, I don’t buy that. But if you believe a conspiracy theory (or more likely, multiple conspiracy theories) then you definitely should agree with the people who think conspiracy theories can be a good thing. You’re allowed to believe it, and you have no reason not to.

So own who you are. Admit it. Show some courage. You might as well be honest. You might as well be interesting, right? Break a stereotype for a change.

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