Daily Duo

This year, being back in classes, I’ve had to abandon all my language habits except for a single daily Duolingo lesson. I had hoped to keep more of my good habits in place, but that’s all I’ve held onto.

I’ve been focusing on German. That will be relevant to my studies, a bit more than the other languages I’ve worked on, so I decided to see how far I could go in that one language during this year.

The effort involved is minimal. The hardest part is just remembering to do it, making sure not to forget. Once I start, I’m done within a few minutes. A single lesson is not mentally taxing at all.

With so little time invested, you might expect that I would be just maintaining the German I know, or forgetting it less rapidly.

But I am making progress in German, slowly, but still improving, even with the almost nonexistent effort I’m putting into it.

The sentence structure of German, in particular, is making its way into my mind, so that it is becoming much easier for me to look at a sentence of German and, even if I don’t know all the words, recognize what each part of the sentence is probably doing.

As an English-speaker reading German, that is a huge win. I just recently tried going back and perusing an essay that I attempted to read a couple years ago. It was so much easier this time.

When the year of studies is over, it won’t have been a write-off for my languages, and I have to attribute that to Duolingo.

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