Don’t Wait For the Scientists

We can’t trust in the scientists to save us.

It’s possible that scientists will develop a pill that eradicates obesity. But we can’t live as though that’s a certainty within our lifetimes.

It’s possible scientists will find a treatment that reverses atherosclerosis, or diabetes, or cancer. But we have to assume that they won’t do it as soon as we need them to.

Maybe scientists will give us a machine that fills our brains with whatever facts and figures we want to know. But probably not in the near future. We might as well start memorizing.

We have to make every reasonable effort to address the problems confronting us now, with the means currently at our disposal. Science has given us some incredible blessings, but it doesn’t march to our tempo.

Even if the scientists do find a way to make it happen, we will probably still be glad we learned to do it without their help. Science gives us fast vehicles, but people still take pride in being good sprinters, or knowing how to ride a horse.

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