Ideology, no ideology?

I think it’s worthwhile to try and transcend political ideologies. Don’t identify with any one of them. Take the best from each. It’s probably impossible to avoid having an ideological centre of gravity entirely, but I think we should just minimize that as much as possible.

I think that sort of effort is very worthwhile. It allows us to question our beliefs. It allows us to try to weigh important theoretical and practical alternatives against one another fairly.

But I think that’s just the first step. That’s just how we learn to think somewhat clearly. We need to keep one foot in that mindset, so to speak, and make an ongoing project of learning the best from all sides and synthesizing them into something coherent as well as we can.

But I think that at some point, if we want to go beyond thinking clearly to make an actual difference, we probably do also need to step back into some particular ideological position to defend, to shape, to ride into some sort of place of influence.

We don’t want to be hyperspecialized, where only some tiny, very online population of, I don’t know, traditionalist Georgist climate activists would possibly have any interest in what we have to say.

We also wouldn’t want to appeal too broadly. We can’t just say left or centre or right; the best way to appeal within any of those parts of the political spectrum, it seems to me, is to have a somewhat more definite position within it; e.g., don’t just be “right,” but be “libertarian right” or “conservative right” or something like that.

But once you’ve tried to transcend ideology, how do you decide where to make the reentry? I have so much trouble with this. I don’t actually identify with, or even like very much, any particular ideological grouping. Some I like more than others, but even then, mainly only for superficial reasons that shouldn’t be my motivation. And of course there are aspects of each that I really like and could never fully abandon. For me, this problem is really perplexing. I think I have a suspicion of which direction I should probably incline toward, but I really resist it. More on that in the future, though.

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