Moral Bankruptcy of Right and Left

Both sides pretend to believe whatever they see as the most advantageous beliefs to profess. If they don’t, they’ll be displaced by other members of their side who will.

Both sides bend the rules, push justice and decency to their limits. If they don’t, the other side will do it and then beat them in elections.

Both sides lie, shade the truth, omit as much as possible. If they don’t, their enemies will twist their veracity into a weapon to use agains them.

Both sides accuse the other of clear and shameful hypocrisy. Both are quite correct in this, and each can only take refuge in the fact that the other side is just as much a hypocrite and so in no position to pass judgement.

Both sides force the citizenry to make a choice between the lesser of two evils, thus consigning us either to political powerlessness or to cooperation with their shameful activity.

Both sides encourage citizens to be appalled at the hypocrisy of the other, and both sides seek to excuse and laugh away the hypocrisy of themselves, which is of course the very opposite of what we ought to do in the face of our own hypocrisy.

Both sides are ruled and guided by the ignorance of the multitudes. Neither side loves truth or justice when it is on the path to political power.

There must be something better than this.

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