Some favourite martial arts content creators

A couple years ago I started to get interested in martial arts. Since then I’ve spent many happy hours searching for and consuming what seem to me (at this point) to be the best content out there.

A year ago I came across Armchair Violence on YouTube. There’s a ton of of fascinating videos on that account. I found that it was what set me on track for looking for the right kind of martial arts content, and finding these other resources I’m about to talk about.

Once I started looking to learn more about striking and grappling, I found that striking is easier to wrap your head around first, and for that I’ve found no more valuable resource than Gabriel Varga’s YouTube channel. It’s incredible how much he posts and how high the quality is.

It took me a lot longer to find grappling content that connected with me. What I’ve been most impressed by is Chris Paine’s podcast and YouTube videos. His recent “Winter Soldier” video is a good example of the sort of thing I’ve been fascinated by from him. But the Stay Safe Martial Arts YouTube channel also has lots of really solid content.

And lastly, in terms of pedagogy, I love listening to Scott Sievewright’s Primal MMA Coaching podcast. He’s very smart but also has this wonderful humility in the way he presents his ideas (unlike some others in the CLA space). Highly recommended.

And that’s it! Digging through for good content can be a challenge, but once it’s found, you have to be amazed at the quality of what can be had for free in this day and age.

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