The urgency of living healthily

When I was young, I thought healthy habits were for old people without the benefit of youthful immortality. I knew that my poor choices at the time were going to haunt me later in life, but I couldn’t bring myself to care about that much. Even then, though, my bad habits were already taxing me in ways that I couldn’t yet recognize.

Today it seems clearer than ever to me how important it is to make the decisions that promote health. The reasons that motivate me most are the ones that are least obvious, most subtle.

It’s amazing to me how unhealthy living can lead to a more shrunken existence, more pathetically, impotently angry. I speak from experience.

Being unhealthy isn’t just about future death and disability, though it does certainly have a bearing on that.

Being unhealthy affects your mood, your ability to think, your energy, your relationships, your strength, your resilience, your schedule.

Focus on that. There are immediate, urgent consequences hanging on decisions relating to health. To me that’s the best motivation there is.

I heard once that the most impactful health decisions we can make are to stop smoking, eat a healthy diet, exercise, and maintain a healthy BMI. Every one of those things can be a huge challenge for a person. But I think they are so worth it.

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