Thoughts about my politics

I think that even though in my view, the economy is not the most important part of politics, it probably is the most important thing for a politician to talk about.

1. The economy needs to be healthy. We need to do the things that make people wealthy, make necessary goods and services affordable, make employment abundant, and keep the economy moving in a good trajectory as much as possible. I suspect that agriculture is important to focus on here at our current moment.

2. Specifically, I think it’s important to try to encourage entrepreneurship and education. Take away the barriers, add incentives. That will be good for the economy. We need to be smart about education.

3. We should also work toward economic equality, especially at the extremes; push people out of poverty, and try to structure the economy so that where wealth is concentrated, it will become shared more widely.

It’s also important to encourage virtue. This might often be something that’s advisable to avoid talking about, since it often plays into polarizing culture war garbage that seems often to prevent big support from coalescing, but used judiciously, in small doses, I think it can still be powerful.

1. There are plenty of virtues that transcend political ideology and even what we often speak of as “cultures.” We want to find ways to foster those virtues.

2. Much of what the “woke” left wants to advocate for is just good manners adapted to the modern world. I feel like we could do a better job of communicating about this in ways that would be compelling to both sides, even if ultimately there comes a point where the two sides feel they cannot compromise.

3. Historically, the military is thought of as a place for cultivating certain important virtues, even if today and throughout history there are many signs of vices finding places to grow as well. I think we ought to increase military spending, to live up to our obligations to our allies, and simultaneously seek to improve how that money is spent and, where necessary, how things are done in the military and police forces.

At this moment, I really feel like those would be important places to focus our thinking and speaking.

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